TS&JT Architecture & Design

A Beautiful House

Competition entry for a new house.

‘Design A Beautiful House’ was an international design competition seeking design proposals for a new home located on a 91Ha site within London’s metropolitan green belt. The brief asked for design responses to demonstrate a concept of beauty while providing a home that responded to the programmatic brief for the required accommodation.

Our submission took as its starting point the notion that a beautiful house must please all of the senses, but also the intellect. It must inspire intrigue and fantasy, and speak of itself as a world within the world. A beautiful house is a work of art, and will possess qualities or concepts which are at once complimentary and contradictory.

The external expression, and internal spaces of our project are organized within an overarching order, a classical order, which represents a universal approach to the containment of space and an architectural expression which transcends a subjective notion of beauty. It represents the ideals and aspirations of a timeless architecture.

We have sought a certain monumentality in our design, which is a recognition of the fundamental importance of home, and which in its physical form may be both weighty and immaterial. In an intellectual sense, the project may be read as a direct descendent of homes ancient and modern, refined and awkward, noble and humble. In a physical sense, the building shimmers across the lake’s surface, and at certain points in the house the arrangement of windows will allow the walls to fall away in perception, giving a sensation of hovering over the lake and parkland.

  • View from driveway approach across lake.

  • Site plan.

  • View over main hall to lake.

  • View along main corridor.

  • View from ante room towards loggia and view.

  • Ground Floor Plan

    Ground floor plan.

  • Lower floor plan.

  • View of entrance parterre.