TS&JT Architecture & Design

Castle Carey

Housing development Somerset, England

A project for 79 dwellings on the edge of a town in Somerset. The site is butterfly shaped in plan so our approach has been to bring access in at the narrowest point and to create a site of two halves; one centred around a village green-like space and the other focussed on a semi-hard square. Plots are arranged around the perimeter of the site allowing views over the surrounding fields and the majority of dwellings are terraced or linked.

Long built forms help to define strong shared space, and the proximity of their fronts to the highway mitigates for untidy front gardens and provides security by outlook and a sharper sense of community. Precedents for order and repetition making generous public space may be found in Georgian Bath and Edinburgh. The London terrace and the centres of rural villages are dense and proximate. All of these places are popular and loved.
Moving through our masterplan one encounters gables, articulated as pediments, at various scales from the whole building to the door case but always with a recognisable and consistent pitch. While strictly ordered the buildings are generally encountered obliquely, with protruding and recessed volumes.

  • House entrance.

  • Site layout.

  • 4-bedroom house ground floor plan.

  • 4-bedroom house first floor plan.

  • View of church from square.

  • View of square.

  • 5-bedroom house ground floor plan.

  • 5-bedroom house first floor plan.

  • View across village green.

  • View across village green.

  • 2-bedroom terrace ground floor plan.

  • 2-bedroom terrace first floor plan.

  • View across village green.