TS&JT Architecture & Design

Georgian Townhouse

Extension and refurbishment of a listed house in North London

This project involves the replacement of an existing rear extension with a classical composition inspired by the Choragic Monument of Thrasyllus, which has inspired architects for centuries. Its apparent symmetry is subverted by the split section behind, with a new garden room behind the left and centre bays, a green terrazzo lined shower room behind the upper sash of the right hand bay, and a map room behind the lower bay, partly below ground level. The fa├žade is topped by two bespoke cast lead planters.

The garden room has a shallow tent-like ceiling which emphasises the centrality of the doric pilaster between the large openings, which is daylit from above. The new fountain at the far end of the courtyard garden is visible through the French doors. This incorporates a stone basin, two further water tanks and planters.

The front coal vaults will be excavated and converted into a study and library with a projecting window onto the lightwell. Lowermost of the rooms will be a new wine cellar, with a concrete vaulted ceiling, brick floor and concrete shelving.

Completion March 2020.

  • Axonometric Section

  • Wine Cellar Plan

  • Lower Ground Floor Plan

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • Second Floor Plan