TS&JT Architecture & Design

Guadix Parador

Hotel and housing in Guadix, Granada

This project in the town of Guadix, near Granada in Southern Spain, proposes the conversion of the old Palace of Saavendra into a Parador hotel. Entering the existing courtyard building from the street one is met by the first of three courtyards. The next courtyard helps to shift the axis through the site and the third has an open side to the West which allows views to the ancient citadel, which towers over the town.

The plan tucks staircases and furnishings into pockets and niches in the geometry to allow the principle spaces such as the large dining room the repose they require. Bedrooms upstairs are efficiently planned and allow a variety of views to the citadel and town, over courtyards and across the neighbouring streets and roofs.

The site to the North has been planned as housing and mixed-use spaces. The whole project was designed to make use of traditional local construction techniques which commune with its earlier and indeed ancient neighbours while describing spaces which are entirely new.

  • Street elevation towards citadel.

  • Cross section through pool court.

  • Pool court from dining loggia.

  • Ground floor plan.

  • First floor plan.

  • Second floor plan.

  • Third floor plan.

  • Long section.

  • Site section.