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Teaching Overview

Both partners teach a postgraduate design unit at Kingston School of Architecture, and on the Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture in Sweden. These academic environments provide opportunities for reflection and intellectual rigour, which in turn informs our practice. In 2021 they won the RIBA Traditional Architecture Groups Achievement Award in recognition of their teaching work.

They taught the William H. Harrison visiting design studio at the University of Miami School of Architecture Spring 2021.

Timothy combines his role in the practice with that of Course Director of the MArch (RIBA 2) Architecture course at Kingston.

The partners have been guest critics at University of Notre Dame, USA, University of Miami, USA, Yale School of Architecture, USA, Cambridge University, Edinburgh College of Art, TU Munich and ETH Zürich. Timothy has previously taught at London Metropolitan University and Jonathan at Edinburgh College of Art.

Studio 2.4 08/09

Community Room

Studio 2.4 have been looking at the making of a public room in the city. Case studies and walks in London and Berlin have informed two projects; first the re-making of an existing public room, and second, the making of a new space of public meeting in Croydon.

As the residential density of central Croydon increases, the demand for places of public meeting will increase. In urban terms, the Community Room will be analogous to the older buildings of Croydon, such as the Quaker Adult School Hall and the Whitgift Almshouses; places of architectural character adding interest and decorum to an otherwise bland townscape.

We are less concerned with a specific programme for the Community Room, than we are with the typological idea of the building, which could be exemplified by the various churches, community centres, galleries or pubs that we have visited during the year. However, the constant demand is that it provides an elegant surrounding for public gathering, and celebrates the importance of communion within the townscape.

  • Studio 2.4 08/09

    Photography © Timothy Smith & Jonathan Taylor LLP.