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Teaching Overview

Both partners teach a postgraduate design unit at Kingston School of Architecture, and on the Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture in Sweden. These academic environments provide opportunities for reflection and intellectual rigour, which in turn informs our practice. In 2021 they won the RIBA Traditional Architecture Groups Achievement Award in recognition of their teaching work.

They taught the William H. Harrison visiting design studio at the University of Miami School of Architecture Spring 2021.

Timothy combines his role in the practice with that of Course Director of the MArch (RIBA 2) Architecture course at Kingston.

The partners have been guest critics at University of Notre Dame, USA, University of Miami, USA, Yale School of Architecture, USA, Cambridge University, Edinburgh College of Art, TU Munich and ETH Z├╝rich. Timothy has previously taught at London Metropolitan University and Jonathan at Edinburgh College of Art.

University of Miami Spring 2021

William H. Harrison Visiting Critics in Classical Architecture

Tectonic classicism: London

With Steven Fett.

We are interested in classicism and its potential as a living language of architecture. We do not engage with this way of thinking for nostalgic or sentimental reasons but as a foundational armature for a sustainable and robust architecture of the future. We cannot deny the inspiration we draw from the buildings of the past, but in them we observe the thread of a continuing tradition, which relates buildings of high and low status, differing geographical, legislative and social contexts, and varying construction techniques and typologies, across many centuries.

Projects were set in London, specifically in historic Bloomsbury, an area noted for its urban squares, terraced housing, green spaces and historic institutions. Having studied these typologies students designed a flexible mid-scale city building for working, living and gathering, with convincing tectonic qualities, in a bucolic and historic urban setting.

Projects explored the translation of classical ideals into realisable buildings, and the capacity for construction and architectural expression to convey meaning, connecting with individuals and society more generally. Live and pre-recorded city walks and talks will brought London and its architecture to Miami alongside hybrid design sessions.

  • Cecilia McCammon.

  • Cecilia McCammon.

  • Cecilia McCammon.

  • Cecilia McCammon.

  • Andrew Almeida.

  • Jose Villalobos.

  • Jose Villalobos.

  • Jheanelle Miller.

  • Emily Fusilero.