East Cambridgeshire housing

Development of an agricultural site to provide eight new homes in East Anglia

Placing nine new dwellings on the site represents the creation of a small new community. The layout seeks to provide a development of distinctive character which acknowledges its agricultural past and has a density akin to a rural settlement rather than a suburban sprawl.

View of house 1
Site layout plan with house 1 to the right, cottages arranged around the lime tree and new housing defining the yard beyond

Plots 6-9 broadly follow the location and massing of the existing farm buildings, and define a shared ‘yard’. These have a minimum number of windows facing the yard, to give them a barn-like presence. Their massing approximates that of the existing farm buildings and the doorcases relate in scale to the house they serve. The entrance to the yard is defined by a cart lodge and communal bin store.

The project won planning approval in 2018 and was built out to a revised design from 2020-21.

Cottages arranged around existing lime tree
View of proposed new housing around yard